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Kids Holiday Entertainment for Under 10s

Kids Holiday Entertainment for Under 10s

Clubs & Entertainment for Kids Holidays

For tots to tenzers! Okay, tenzers isn’t a word! But if you’re 10 or under you'd be mad to miss the fun at Star Landers Club.

Join us for exciting themed days where you can be Romans or Super Heroes, or even star in your very own band at Pop School! There’s always so much to do on a fun filled kids holiday at our holiday parks throughout the UK!

So come along and join in the fun with Sid & Lizzie at some of these exciting events.

Daytime Activities

Join us for a different theme everyday - take a look at some of our fantastic activities below!

Sci-Fi Quest

Accepting the challenges laid before you, follow our band of futuristic friends on a Sci-Fi quest of a lifetime.

Epic Tales - The Legend of Thor and the Vikings

Will you have what it takes to possess the power of the mighty Thor? Join us for another Epic Adventure

Epic Tales - The Story of Hua Mulan

If Dragons, Ninjas and Karate excite you then head on down to our Epic Tales Adventure.

Totes Amaze

Wow your friends and family with what you'll learn from our mad scientists. You'll be totally amazed at what we discover, while having great fun along the way.

Time Trip Travels - The Tudors

Step back in time and become a knight, take aim at the stocks and joust on horseback in King Henry VIII's arena!.

Parkdean Pop School

Be part of the fun as we create our own unique video to Sid & Lizzie's famous party dance, The Wobble.


The sky's the limit as you take control of the flight deck to race planes, navigate the flight course and land safely on the Parkdean runway!

Sid & Lizzie Showtime

Starland Crazy

Will you be a seagull or a lizard, join us every night for silly fun, games, points and prizes.

Epic Tales Show - Legend of Thor and the Vikings

Big Book introduces Sid & Lizzie to the famous Viking legend, Thor, as they embark on another Epic Tales adventure.

Sid & Lizzie's Tots Rocking Party Show

Join Sid & lizzie as they rock out to some classic Nursery Rhyme hits, just for the little ones.

Lizzie's Tots Show

Lizzie leads the show that's full of songs and dances for the little ones, much to Sid's annoyance.

Strictly Pop

A sneaky peek behind the scenes at rehearsals of their new strictly pop show.

Sid's Laughter Show

Join Sid for lots of laughs and silly jokes in his new Show especially for the little ones.


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