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29th June 2015 | National News, Park News, Regional News, UK Holidays

Let’s Celebrate Great Britain This Summer!

With Wimbledon in full swing, we’re looking at what makes us Brits so great! So while you tuck into strawberries & cream or a glass of Pimms, let’s celebrate our Great British Traditions…

1. Drinking tea

Britain is most definitely a tea-drinking nation and we all have our opinion on what makes the perfect cuppa… Did you know we drink around 165 million cups each day? There’s nothing better than hearing the words “I’ll put the kettle on” – especially when there’s biscuits to go with it!

2. Car boot sales

We couldn’t talk about Great British traditions without mentioning the car boot sale! There’s something about wandering a drizzle-soaked field occupied by a crowd of people selling their unwanted household items on a Saturday that us Brits just plain love.

3. The Royal Family

As a patriotic country, the Royal Family is a huge part of Britain. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the well-loved lot…

  • The Queen found out about Will & Kate’s engagement just two hours before it was announced to the public
  • Prince Harry’s given name is actually Henry
  • Her Majesty’s official residence in Scotland is the Palace of Holyroodhouse but she prefers to stay at Balmoral Castle
  • The Queen is the second longest serving British Monarch

4. Fish & Chips

In the 1860’s, fish & chips became a popular choice of fast food and is now seen as the classic national food of England. Traditionally, you’d eat these from newspaper with your fingers and plenty of salt and vinegar – delicious!

5. Politeness

English people are famous for being polite – whether it’s forming an orderly queue and saying ‘it’s fine’ when we get queue-jumped (that’s if we even point it out) or simply saying please and thank you – good manners is a big tradition in Britain.



And what make us most British is… our love for getaways & holidays across the stunning UK!

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