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23rd November 2016 | Regional News

Discover The Beauty Of Lairg

Commonly referred to as The Crossroads of the North, Lairg is nestled on the shores of Loch Shin. The area has endless amounts of lush green hills and snow-capped mountains, making the town perfect for those seeking a Highland escape.

The historic town recently made the headlines after palaeontologist Dr Mike Simms revealed the first meteorite to hit the British Isles struck Lairg. It’s believed the meteorite was two miles wide, weighed 13 billion tonnes, and penetrated five miles into the Earth’s crust when it struck 1.2 billion years ago. The impact was the equivalent to 1,500 billion tonnes of TNT exploding and left a 25-mile-wide impact crater under the town.

Just over 30 minutes from Grannie’s Heilan Hame Holiday Park, the picturesque town has a variety of shops, places to eat, pubs and is often referred to as one of the last great wilderness areas of Europe. For those considering visiting the picturesque town, here are three nearby places we recommend you visit.

Dunrobin Castle

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Overlooking the Moray Firth, the castle has 189 rooms and has been home to the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland since the 13th century. In its day, the castle was an impressive military fortress, with large iron gates, six feet thick walls and a vaulted ceiling.

The beauty of Dunrobin Castle is largely down to Sir Charles Barry, who was an English architect, best known for rebuilding Westminster Palace in the 19th century. He was a master of Gothic Revival architecture and he successfully transformed the stately home into one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland.

Loch Shin

Video sourced from Harry Pollett

Flowing northwest from Lairg is Loch Shin, the largest loch in Sutherland. Roughly seventeen miles in length, along its course lies the Falls of Shin, which is famous for leaping salmon. Visitors can admire the spectacle and watch Atlantic salmon battle against gravity in their quest to get up the river to the breeding grounds where they themselves were spawned.

Aside from leaping salmon, there are two gentle walks along the falls to keep you entertained. Starting from the Falls of Shin car park, both marked routes will allow you to see the beautiful falls, along with an abundance of local wildlife, including red deer, pine martens, golden eagles and the iconic Scottish wildcat.

Ord Hill Archaeology Trail

Ord Hill is a picturesque wooded hillside located north of Inverness. A short but fascinating walk, the trail takes you past some of the oldest prehistoric sites in Scotland, including numerous burial chambers that date back over 4,000 years. These ancient tombs were built by Stone Age farmers who settled in the Northern Highlands over 5,000 years ago.

The trail snakes between burial cairns, hut circles, burnt mounds, ancient banks, field clearance heaps and other fascinating features from a bygone era. The walk is 1.3 miles long and takes roughly one hour to complete.

Before exploring the historic trail, we recommend a visit to the Information Centre where you will find numerous leaflets that will provide you with a detailed insight into the area.

If you know of any more hidden gems in or around Lairg, please share them with us on our Twitter page.

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