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15th October 2015 | National News, Park News, Regional News

Create a Monster! With Our Top Pumpkin Carving Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing better to celebrate Halloween than pumpkin carving, and it’s going to be hard to top last year’s deadly designs!

With carving sessions taking place across all our 24 parks this Halloween, and just over two weeks to go until the big day, we’ve put together our top pumpkin carving hints, tips and tricks to ensure you impress your little monsters with some of the creepiest designs around…

  1. Use the innards or add tomato-ey spaghetti to make your pumpkin vomit
  2. See if you can match the ‘LizzieLizard-kin’ with a ‘SidSeagull-kin’!
  3. You don’t always have to carve your pumpkin on the side, try flipping it over and use the pumpkin stalk as a feature in your design, like a creepy witch nose! Then add crisp autumn leaves as hair.
  4. Use peppers to create cute, smaller faces
  5. Bring your own cookie cutters to create cool shapes that no one else has!
  6. For something really crazy get the paints out to add dramatic effect to your pumpkin
  7. Cocktail sticks are great secret weapon allowing you to add extras to your pumpkin… how about some creepy olives for eyes!?
  8. Small plastic animals such as spiders and mice creeping out of your pumpkin will give it a real shriek-factor!
  9. Get a head start and bring along your own pumpkin carving templates for extravagant designs
  10. Cutting out pumpkin pieces and then sticking them back the other way can create a cool two tone effect 


So, join the pumpkin carving fun with us this Halloween, we’re dying to welcome you!

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