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18th November 2014 | Park News, Regional News

Bug Hotels: Give Wildlife a Helping Hand This Winter

From ladybirds and bees to spiders and centipedes, we find so many different species living in the green areas of our holiday parks. They like to live in holes, between rocks and in piles of fallen leaves, but since our green fingered gardeners like to keep the parks pristine; this debris often gets cleared away limiting the hiding places for these friendly creatures.

To make sure we are helping with the conservation of these beneficial bugs at the same time as keeping our holiday parks immaculate, Sid the Seagull, Lizzie the Lizard and children visiting our parks have had loads of fun building bug hotels!

Bug hotels are man-made structures with lots of small spaces in different shapes and sizes made from a whole variety of different materials. Take a peek at our bug hotels at all of our Cornish Holiday Parks and at Ruda Holiday Park or you can even make your own!

How do you make your own bug hotel?

The best base for a bug hotel is old wooden pallets, you can pile these on top of each other to create a steady structure and then fill in the gaps with a whole host of reclaimed materials you find in the house and garden.

Here are some suggestions:

Bricks with holes in
Old bamboo canes
Dry leaves
Straw and Hay
Plant pots
Corrugated cardboard
Pipes and tubes of different sizes

What kind of guests will you find in a bug hotel?

Solitary Bees
And lots more!

Thanks to our green fingered mascots Sid and Lizzie, as well as our hardworking staff and thoughtful customers, all 24 of our parks have been given the prestigious David Bellamy Conservation Award for protecting and enhancing their natural environment, 20 of our parks have won gold this year!

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