Are We Nearly There Yet?
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Are We Nearly There Yet?

We wanted to find out about your family car journeys on holiday, and thought what better way than to speak to lots of parents! After getting such a great response, offering up some brilliant tips and insights, we thought we would create a short animation to sum up everything you told us.

You told us that less than an hour into your journey is when most of you will hear a voice from the back of the car asking 'Are we nearly there yet?'

And you have some great time-served tips that help to make sure the journey is just as much fun as the rest of your family holiday.

Of the 1,478 respondents, 532 of you told us that a good old trusty book was the best distraction for restless kids, though gadgets are quickly gaining in popularity with 64% of you very confident of using things like iPads and tablets to keep your little ones entertained.

Music tastes can cause many a debate, but it seems you prefer to make for a peaceful journey, with 49% of you telling us that your music choices in the car are a group decision.

Thank you to everyone who got involved in our survey about family holiday car journeys. We hope you find our tips useful.

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